We were Christensen S.r.l.

Christensen S.r.l. was a service and design company. We served, created ideas, designed products and helped others develop theirs.


Great products starts with a good user experience without neglecting the environment. We strived to offer innovative products that makes a difference in cooperation with our partners.

Besides serving our partners in Italy we designed our own products, we helped others to design, refined and developed theirs.
From mockup to complete growing solutions in a consumer appealing dress.

Our first setup was established in 1999 in Denmark, we evolved, and we were based in Brescia, Italy. We were a small privately held company that constantly innovated, and when we didn't innovated we innovated!

Every now and then we found out something new, or sometimes, something old. From this point we started playing, and we loved to play (preferably backstage).